Wednesday, June 01, 2005

FH Stats as of June 1st 2005

Date             W-L-T     SO     Win%
11/05/05      4-3-0       1          57
18/05/05      5-3-0       0          63
25/05/05      2-4-0       0          33
01/06/05      3-6-0       1          38

Total           14-16-0      2        47.75

Wow things just keep getting worse. Or are they? Notice the dirty shut out despite losing 6 games to 3. Things are getting worse, for my team THAT SUCKS. I am obviously not the weak link hence the SO. I wish I had the ability to calculate things like Save percentage, that would tell the real tale. Oh well win some you lose some.

I forgot to mention that I went nine goals for with zero against including my one game of shut out and the game following. The record, held by me of course, at FH for most goals for with 0 goals against still stands at 17, yup 3 dirty shut outs in a row and then 2 goals for before I was scored against. Just a FYI.


Blogger LBomb said...

Just for the record, I kick ass at FH and scored 20-some goals on one goalie and made him leave out of humiliation. Tell your gf to count the shots and just see how many goals you let in over the course of a game. She would do that....wouldn't she?

7:30 AM  

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