Wednesday, November 09, 2005

FH Stats as of Nov.9, 2005

Wednesday, November 4, 2005

Wins: 4
Season Total: 8

Losses: 1
Season Total: 4

Win%: 80%
Season Total: 66.7%

Shutouts: 0
Season Total: 0

GP: 5
Season Total: 12

GA: 17
Season Total: 40

Season Total: 3.33
Best GAA in a single night: 3.28

Well the GAA went up but so did the wins. Need a few shutouts to calm that baby down. Not many other notes, didn't play like I usually do, and if I would have I could have dramatically lowered the GAA. At any rate my counterpart posted a 4.80 GAA, so early in this year I would say the 3.33 is not a horrible number as I have been well under that so far. For this week I also added the Best GAA in a single night category, just as a measuring stick.


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